ExecCommands to manage files and directories

I've made a couple of scripts to be used as MOC external commands.

They let you easily move, rename, create and delete files and directories from within MOC. They are commandline-based, with line editing, filename completion (Tab) and history of previous invocations.

Download this zipfile (alternate link) and follow the instructions in the README file.

Comments / feature requests are welcome!

Really nice scripts, with rlwrap they works great! The only issue is that MOC doent's see changes made in the filesystem by a script, but it's my fault, I'll add reloading the directory after running a command.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

I'll add reloading the directory after running a command.

is this means that MOC is developed again? :)

This is just a bug fix.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

i am running ubuntu 6.06, rlwrap 0.24-1, and moc 2.3.3-1 (from Synaptic Package Manager). i copied moc-rm to /usr/local/bin/ and it's executable. i do not have a keymap file, only /.moc/keymap.example

i added the following line to my /.moc/config file

ExecCommand8 = "moc-rm %f"

when i attempt to run mocp i get the following on the console:

Wrong option name: 'ExecCommand8'.
FATAL_ERROR: Error in config file, line 199.

any suggestions or ideas? i'm excited to be able to delete files from within moc :)

oops, i think the problem is that i'm running an old version of moc (ExecCommand was added in 2.4). i need to figure out how to install moc w/o the package manager :)

i finally have these working with the latest moc compiled on my kubuntu desktop! thanks etatoby and damian!

now i should get that file-pruner installed so dead entries on the playlist don't stick around after a delete :)


can you provide this patch file again ?