Manage MOC via browser ?

Manage MOC via browser - it is possible ? Some like phpMp ? Thanks for answer :)

It is definitely possible to manage MOC via a PHP-script using the command line options but I know of no existing solution yet (I don't know phpMp neither, so I'm not sure if it could be abused to work with MOC).
As with so many features, somebody with the same desire combined with the ability and motivation to do it is needed... (meaning: there are many people that could do it but most of them lack either time or interest to do it)

There is a general solution to this:

Try Ajaxterm[1] (works nice) or Anyterm[2] (did not work for me)

You have to setup MOC to use ASCII lines for the UI else it looks wierd.
But if set, expect something like this.
I just played around with this a bit. I guess the terminal can be any size. The keyboard input works really nice.