moc server - a network streamer?


I came over the word "server" used in the Readme, is this a server that can be played across a network, or controlled via a network?

If not, what does it mean, and are there other good (almost as good as moc) cli players which are controlleable from the network?


server in this case means that you have moc server and client where:
server - playes music
client - is a tui
so server may play songs and no clients may run in that time.
There is no network settings possible. Moc client always "connect" only to server on computer on which is client lunched.

oh, I see. So you can leave the user interface, and it will still play your list?


btw: it is different if you use 'q' or 'Q' to quit moc client.
from help:
q Detach MOC from the server
Q Quit

so if you use 'q' then server is still running and playing (if there is something to play)
when you use 'Q' server is shuted down too

I see, thank you!

you are welcome