Problem with my MOC!!

Everytime I start mocp it's like I'm starting it for a first time! It even says welcome to moc 2.5.0-alpha-4! If i change theme it's ok until I exit moc and go to it again. Theme change is lost and I get welcome message again!
Please help me so I can listen to the music again!

You don't like when a program greets you? Personally, I like it. In fact, I'm thinking about making MOC greet me with my name! ;-)
Now, to make MOC remember settings, you need to change the configuration file called ~/.moc/config.
If it doesn't exist, copy a premade config containing defaults from /usr/share/doc/moc/config.example. Well, it should be there.
Edit your brand-new ~/.moc/config. You'll appreciate a whole bunch of settings, but first you probably want to set "Theme" and "MusicDir". Probably "Repeat", "Shuffle", and "AutoNext", too.
Have fun configuring! After that, you can "live" with MOC happily everafter :-)

that was problem :D didn't have conf file!
now it welcomes me with a nice color scheme!
Best regards!