Problem with OSS

Hey there!
I have a problem with MoC and OSS. While playing mp3 files I hear this weird and annoying "squeaky" sound. It doesn't happens with every file tho. On the other hand Music Player Daemon is able to play all those files without any problems. If I'm correct both of them are using libmad for playing mp3 so issue appears to be with MoC.
Did anyone encounter similar behaviour? Anything I can do to solve it?
I'm on FreeBSD 8.2, and as for other information:

moc 2.4.4 Build: Mar 23 2011 14:18:37
Compiled with: OSS ALSA JACK DEBUG internet streams resample



Problem seems to be strictly with MoC - mpd is working flawlessly and just to double check if it's not libmad issue I complied cmus and this one can handle all music properly as well.

To clarify - there is not error messages in mocp_client_log.

Is this the same problem as reported in nodes 586 and 709?