Hide directory, show only playlist by default

I enjoy pretty much detaching moc from the server and quickly popping up the gui via a keyboard shortcut. I mainly do this for a quick change of the song to be played by navigating and selecting songs in the playlist menu. However everytime I startup the interface the directory menu is focused, which is very inconvenient, because I have to press TAB to focus the playlist.

Long story short: When I start the gui I want to see the playlist and only the playlist. I want to see the directory only after switching to a different layout or after pressing TAB.

I tried the following for my ~/.moc/config:

Switching the order of "directory" and "playlist" menus in the layout string:
Layout1 = playlist(0,0,100%,100%):directory(0,0,100%,100%)
-- no effect

Configuring only directory
Layout1 = directory(50%,50%,50%,50%)
-- no effect

Trying to hide directory completely via
Layout1 = directory(0,0,0,0)
makes moc fail to start up, because of malformed layout.

Any pointers? Thanks!

Do the following configuration option settings offer any relief?

<br /> Layout1 = directory(0,0,100%,100%):playlist(0,0,100%,100%)<br /> CanStartInPlaylist = yes<br />

No. Apparently the setting
CanStartInPlaylist = yes
doesn't have any effect at all. This is moc 2.5.0-beta1.

Edit: This is my ~/.moc/config (comments stripped):

ReadTags = yes
MusicDir = "/home/fsf/Music"
Sort = FileName
ShowStreamErrors = no
Mp3IgnoreCRCErrors = yes
Repeat = yes
Shuffle = no
AutoNext = yes
FormatString = "%(n:%n :)%(a:%a - :)%(t:%t:)%(A: \(%A\):)"
OutputBuffer = 2048
InputBuffer = 512
Prebuffering = 64
SoundDriver = JACK:ALSA:OSS
JackOutLeft = "alsa_pcm:playback_1"
JackOutRight = "alsa_pcm:playback_2"
OSSDevice = /dev/dsp
OSSMixerDevice = /dev/mixer
OSSMixerChannel1 = pcm
OSSMixerChannel2 = master
ALSAMixer1 = Master
AlsaMixer2 = PCM
AlsaDevice = default
ShowHiddenFiles = no
StartInMusicDir = yes
HideFileExtension = no
ShowFormat = yes
ShowTime = yes
XTerms = xterm
XTerms += xterm-colour:xterm-color
XTerms += xterm-256colour:xterm-256color
XTerms += rxvt:rxvt-unicode
XTerms += rxvt-unicode-256colour:rxvt-unicode-256color
XTerms += eterm
Theme = darkdot_theme
UseMmap = no
SavePlaylist = yes
SyncPlaylist = yes
Keymap = keymap
ASCIILines = no
Fastdir1 = /home/freddy/Music/Radio
TagsCacheSize = 256
Layout1 = directory(0,0,100%,100%):playlist(0,0,100%,100%)
Layout2 = directory(0,0,38%,100%):playlist(38%,0,FILL,100%)
Layout3 = directory(0,0,100%,100%):playlist(0,0,100%,100%)
FollowPlayedFile = yes
CanStartInPlaylist = yes
PlaylistFullPaths = no

If CanStartInPlaylist = yes is supposed to work in the way I discribed in the inital post: can anyone reproduce this faulty (?) behaviour?