Toggles the mixer channel (x key) is not working

Hi, I when clicking on the x key to toggle from PCM to Soft nothing is happening.

I'm using:
Version: MOC Version 2.4.0
Distro: SalixOS 13.1.1 (Slackware based)

moc 2.4.4 Build: May 1 2010 11:11:47
Compiled with: OSS ALSA DEBUG internet streams

Can you also publish your configuration file somewhere?


ReadTags = yes
Sort = FileName
ShowStreamErrors = yes
Mp3IgnoreCRCErrors = no
Repeat = no
Shuffle = no
AutoNext = yes
ShowHiddenFiles = no
HideFileExtension = no
ShowFormat = yes
ShowTime = IfAvailable
Theme = darkdot_theme
SavePlaylist = yes
SyncPlaylist = yes
ASCIILines = no
TagsCacheSize = 256
FollowPlayedFile = yes
CanStartInPlaylist = yes

If you are really using version 2.4.4, there is no trace of a software mixer in it.
This feature was added to MOC in version 2.5.0-alpha 3, see

How come? I used this feature on Ubuntu 8.10 (assuming it wasn't higher than 2.4.4).

And if it is outdated, then why this option is presented on MoC when pressing "h"?

since the entry has been deleted:
...going to check the Ubuntu 8.10 package with VBox...
edit: all the packages of Ubuntu 8.10 have been deleted, except for the ones that are supported by Canonical Ltd., so Moc is not there any longer >:(

so the question remains: "If version 2.4.4 is outdated, then why this option is presented on MoC when pressing "h"?"

I can't be sure whether the software mixer is present in version 2.4.4.
Judging from release dates of that release and 2.5.0-alpha3, which came out earlier, it's possible that the help entry got in by mistake, as 2.4.4 was just a bugfix release in a stable branch.
I didn't have a look at sources, though, so I have no proof.
If you're after features, I suggest to try out development releases or even SVN code base.

Thank you for replying and thank you very much for your complete attention.

I'd want to make the following point clear:
* On the first post I wrote switching between PCM and Soft (I remember "Soft" from past experience)
* On the past, as far as I remember, it was Master and Soft (maybe PCM too, but if there was I did not used it since it affected the volume rate of other applications)
* Of course, I used the Soft channel to lower the volume level of MoC only.

The question is as follows:
Was it, on earlier versions, "Master & PCM" and then time after "Master & PCM & Soft"? (I just want to make that clear)

If you're right about the Soft feature then Ubuntu-8.10 must have had the 2.5.x version available.

+ look at: (note: Hardy Heron is Ubuntu 8.04 LTS)

Yes, I think it had to be like this, i.e. two "mixers" in the past and, additionally, a softmixer from 2.5.0-alpha 3 on.
That just makes sense to me, I'm not going to dig for legacy versions of software in past distro releases.
The point is, just give the feature-complete SVN version a try.
That's where everyone's attention should be focused, because both the stable and devel branches cause users missing features and/or report flaws possibly no more relevant. Just my 2 cents, I'm the person who likes bleeding edge, yet stable, software.

This post is invalid. Solved.