Building moc RPMs for Fedora


I've build some moc RPMs 32/64 bit for Fedora (14/15/16).
They are stored here:

Now i'm trying to build the development version in wait of Fedora 17, however the dash ('-') of package name prevents me to use "rpmbuild" tool.
Can i do something to get over this problem ?


I don't use Fedora or know rpmbuild, but given that most packages
have a dash in their names I'd suggest some quoting or the use
of '--' would be helpful.

I've just compiled the lastest moc devel version for Fedora 16. :) Available here:
If someone find errors or inaccuracies, please post it.


Until now the RPMs of librcc for Fedora were not available.
I'm working to compile it thus to get all moc's features in Fedora moc RPMs.


Available here: (only for Fedora16)

The latest release of MOC is now available for the current supported Fedora releases (Fedora 16 Verne, Fedora 17 Beefy Miracle, Fedora 18 Spherical Cow) at the address

Recently, LibRCC libraries have been included in official Fedora repositories, MOC RPMs will request them at the installation starting from 'moc-2.5.0-0.3.beta1.{fc?}.{arch}.rpm' packages .

MOC is now officially packaged for Fedora 18/19 in RPMFusion.
Currently, it is available in RPMFusion Free (updates-testing) repositories by next 14 days.

You can install moc by executing the following commands:

yum localinstall --nogpgcheck$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm
yum --enablerepo=rpmfusion-updates-testing install moc

Hi all.

This is current situation of the MOC RPMs in the Fedora planet:

- MOC 2.5.0 (stable) is available on RPMFusion repositories for Fedora 19 and Fedora 20.
- MOC 2.6-alpha1 is packaged and ready on RPMFusion development repos currently pointed to Fedora 21 (under development and with deadlines listed in
- On my personal space, you can find special ARMv6 RPMs for Pidora 2014 . Please, read this post .

Hi, I updated "Download" page according to your info. If you think I should add anything there, let me know.

Edit: BTW. Out of curiosity, do you use native opus decoder in your Pidora build?

Edit: BTW. Out of curiosity, do you use native opus decoder in your Pidora build?

Yes and now I'm thinking that maybe MOC uses the opus integration in ffmpeg (which is not built for Pidora).
Is it correct?

Not sure I understand what you mean. MOC uses ffmpeg to decode Opus, but there is an alternative experimental Opus decoder which uses libopus directly (I have also updated patch version for 2.6-alpha1). That's what I meant by native. You could try it for Pidora if ffmpeg decoder doesn't work.

MOC uses ffmpeg to decode Opus

Exactly what I meant. :)

You could try it for Pidora if ffmpeg decoder doesn't work.

I will try.
Thank you for the tip.

(I have also updated patch version for 2.6-alpha1)

Please, I need moc-2.5.0-beta1-sound patch updated against MOC 2.6 alpha1.

Here's my current batch of patches

You'll probably want to apply first four (if RPi is big endian than 05 could slightly decrease flac decoding load). 10 deals with multichannel issues and probably shouldn't be applied unless someone needs multichannel output.

Let me know if there are some other problems on rpi I could help you with. Regrettfully I don't have hardware myself (yet...).