Repeat all


Probably, I don't understand smth or can not put together two and two, but the question is:
is it possible to make MOC repeat the playlist from the beginning after it came to the end? some kind of "Repeat all". Maybe there are some settings which indicate to MOC how to treat the playlist?

If I understand correctly, that's what "Repeat" function is for. By default it is activated by "R".

Edit: You can also enable it by default by putting Repeat = yes in your .moc/config file.

Check help screen inside MOC (key "?") for more features. There is also config.example file, which lists all settings you can change in .moc/config.

As I noticed, "Repeat" only works for the single track. So only one track will be repeating while "Repeat" is active.
What I would like to get is, for example I have several tracks in the playlist, and when the last track is come to an end I want MOC to go automatically to the first track of the playlist and start play it all over again.

It's not supposed to work like this. Didn't you disable "Autonext" by any chance? (Or put anything weird in config file?)

Nice! Thanks!
ahhah the combination of "Repeat" and "Next" is giving what I wanted. moc, I knew there should be logic )