Updating volume output on demand?


I'm wondering whether it's possible to update which interface mocp is using for the "master" volume, on demand?
When I connect my computer to my bluetooth speakers, I have to go into sound settings, and choose the bluetooth speaker as the active speaker. However, when changing the volume, mocp is still controlling the old option; my computer's speaker.

Is it possible to get mocp to update to the new one, without restarting it?


I e-mailed "MegaManSec" at his last known address to clarify the question but have received no response.

So if you didn't receive my e-mail and are still looking for an answer, you had better e-mail mocmaint.

Oh, my email didn't come through?
That's strange.

Here was my response:

"Yep, that's right!
I'm unable to try out things anymore, as I've switched OS' to FreeBSD
which doesn't support bluetooth at the moment, so no external speakers
to change master to.

Speaking of which, I have found another problem, when using mocp with
freebsd. It seems that the volume is not saved in mocp.
I play a song, adjust the volume using < and > (or , and .), but then
when the song changes, it goes back to 45%.

I messed around with the config, such as:
SoundDriver = OSS
OSSDevice = /dev/dsp
OSSMixerDevice = /dev/mixer master

but to not avail.

It's not really a big deal, but it may be something to look into in the

Thanks for the email by the way,

See this comment for further discussion on the 45% volume issue.