Moc freezes on a Nokia N810 tablet


I have compiled moc 2.6-alpha2 on a Nokia N810 tablet. When I try to load a new file, folder or playlist after the previous file, folder or list has completed, Moc freezes and I am unable control it in any way. I have to kill Moc with control + c. Attempting to restart Moc leaves me with a "server error" message (I cannot remember the exact message)

The only way to recover is to reboot the device.

The problem does not occur if I stop a track before its completion and play another.

The device has an arm6 cpu, is running a "debian like" operating system (Maemo) and is using the onboard sound chip (I'm unable to find the name of it at this time)

With ctrl-c you probably kill only MOC client while it's server counterpart lives on (maybe hangs). If you have a possibility to kill it, you can try.

However to find the problem behind your original freeze you would need to compile MOC with debug enabled and start MOC with -d option. You will get two logs, they might contain some clue. You can post them here (or to some pastebin site), configure log (or at least summary) might be nice as well.

Other things to try: use recent SVN version, it is usually quite stable and has some bug fix. See if the problem depends on audio file format/plugin used (maybe even remove other plugin files). Try to run MOC with null output to see if the problem is related to sound driver.

The problem arises from an undocumented (and probably erroneous) value returned by ALSA for the particular soundcard your device is using.

A circumvention has been committed as r2919 (MOC 2.5) and r2920.