listen radio


I am a fan of music on console for listen files of my computer.

However I don't can read french radio whith moc.

when i put "o" for url follow to
I have this message:

[] Format not supported

It is possible, to listen this radio??

I would like listen and

Thank for your answer!!


I don't think it is possible - you need to have a link to a stream for this radio and I don't see it on the webpage. They seem to support only web players. However it might be possible to dig out a link to data from the page source.

I managed to dig this URL out of the web page delivered and it plays fine: It looks like the different genres are just numbered sequentially.

jcf, would you mind explaining how you got that URL out of the web page? Thanks.

The details depend a little on capabilities of the browser you're using, but the general idea is to identify what those viewing the web page would click on to select a stream to play (in this case, some icons for "rock", "jazz", "goove", etc, seemed likely), then look at the source of the web page to find something associated with that clickable item (the alternate image string "fip autour du rock" here) and finally sniff around for something looking like an audio source name in the enclosing anchor link (the value of the "data-flux" attibute).

You can now find other streams by searching the source of the web page for "data-flux", and it appears there are also streams for local "stations" and specific artists (though that may just be what happens to be streaming at the time). Finding the URLs for those is left as an exercise for the reader.

Here's a channel that repeats the latest news broadcast
would give me what then? Sorry, but it's not clear to me; in the source page I don't see anything useful - perhaps I overlooked it?

It looks in this case as if the site may require its own JavaScript player (or at least audio player launcher) and is obfuscating the audio stream's URL using JavaScript. I won't run JavaScript (for security reasons) so can't really help you here, but one approach might be to allow the JavaScript to run (hoping it doesn't steal all your private information) and see what connections are being made (using tools such as tcpdump or netstat, or logs from squid or privoxy if you're running those or some similar application).