recognize changed track names


after editing "01_Track_01.flac" to "01_Actual_Title.flac" moc still shows "01_Track_01.flac", which of course should be "01_Actual_Title.flac" after the change.

Right now you need to manually refresh track listing (default key "r"). I have an experimental patch to do it automatically, but at the moment it introduces more problems than it solves :)

"r" nor "control-r" do anything.
I'm using 2.6-alpha1 btw.

After pressing "r" file list should at least blink and file names and tags should be re-read. If you change file names that should work in your case, I don't know why it doesn't (unless you changed default keybindings).

However there is a known issue that if you edit only tags without changing the name and a timestamp, MOC still uses cached tag values. I don't know any way around it other than manually removing MOC's tag cache ~/.moc/cache.

"r" makes it blink alright, but that's all it does.
I guess I haven't got a clue about tags - when I press "f" and tags are "off", the title does show the new title change :-)
Some reading material on how tagging works and what purpose it has is welcome my way.

Tags are metadata stored inside the file which usually contains structured information about the track, such as artist name, track name, album name, disc cover and so on. Reading the tags requires opening and partially decoding the file and it is time consuming process. That's why MOC remembers tags in cache.

See e.g.