New Sound card but i've lost PCM volume control

MOC version: 
2.6 Alpa3

I finally got my DenonUSB300 soundcard working with MOC, I changed the 'allow24bitoutput' to yes in config to get it going and it's sounding great - however unlike my older (non 24bit) soundcard seems i can't control the volume level from my keyboard anymore, I've checked/un-checked the PCM option in audio preferences on my raspberrypi3. The only other option 'clock source 41 Validity' didn't help either :-(
Can anyone shed any light on what i might be missing or am i back to manual volume control via the sound system again (please no!).


Maybe you need to change ALSAMixer1 or ALSAMixer2 in MOC config file. You can check also MOC debug output (-D or -SF for a limited subset) - it will probably contain something along the lines:

alsa_init_mixer_channel(): ERROR: Can't find mixer PCM

It's also possible (but unlikely) that your sound card doesn't have a hardware volume control and you would have to use "softmixer" in MOC.

thank you tomaszg. I do indeed have soundcard with no hardware volume so i have got 'softmixer' to handle my volume now, not as smooth as 'pcm' was with the old card but it works well. I have to toggle the software mixer manually with the x key as i cannot get MOC to save it, i am using the config file option of 'Softmixer_SaveState = yes' but no success as it just defaults to 'pcm' on each restart.

It's a known problem - there are some workarounds mentioned in some places, e.g. but they require compiling your own version of MOC. It's also rather easy to hardcode softmixer to be a default mixer. If I remember correctly, it's enough to change value of current_mixer from 0 to 2 in audio.c.

It is a known issue, as tomaszg says, and I even have a patch in the pipeline to address it, but it's not yet committed.