URL streams cannot be paused and resumed?

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URL streams cannot be paused and resumed?
For whatever reason this does not work as expected for me.

mocp -S
mocp -a http://xyx-.mp3
mocp -p
mocp -P
mocp -U
song starts over
Either from the commandline or from the interface the when paused and then resumed it starts over.

is this expected behavior?

This is : Music On Console Version : 2.6-alpha3 Built : Jan 1 2020 00:26:04 Compiled with : OSS SNDIO ALSA DEBUG Network streams resample Running on : Linux 5.3.0-29-generic x86_64 Author : Damian Pietras Homepage : http://moc.daper.net/ E-Mail : mocmaint@daper.net Copyright : (C) 2003-2016 Damian Pietras and others License : GNU General Public License, version 2 or later

MOC closes the connection and therefore loses the stream. If the stream is "live" (i.e., a continuous and ongoing one), then MOC can only resume at the point currently being "broadcast" at the time of unpausing. If the stream is "on request" (i.e., a discrete and repeatable one), then MOC can only play the audio from the beginning when the reconnection is made.

In both cases, MOC just plays what it receives after reconnecting; there is no ability to seek backwards (in the first case) or forwards (in the second case), which is what would be required to implement a resumption from the playpoint at the time the stream was paused.