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Hey folks.
The only, really only thing I am missing. And maybe someone can show me how to do it and I only dont know how.
When I have a playlist open in the right side part of the moc window, and on the left hand side am searching for a title, I want to be able to add it with an "a" key like I could do when just brwosing files. Anyone see the need for this?
"g" -> select result -> "a" -> add it to playlist. Perfect.
best music player ever. god I hope you'll maintain this for as long as I use computers ;)

Yes, I see your problem and the need to be able to do this.

The problem is that search would take the 'a' command as merely the next character in the sequence for which it's searching, but using ESC to terminate the search so the command could be entered returns the . cursor to where it was prior to the search (which may be a long way from the desired audio).

I can think of several developments which would offer a solution, but they all seem to have their weaknesses and would be awkwark to use in some scenarios.

Yes I see that problem, too. Maybe the possibility to map a specific keybind combination in the keymap file?
Seriously it's the only thing that I sometimes miss.

Thank you so much for developing this software, man!

Introducing a specific keybinding was one of the things I'd considered, but it introduced its own problems.

After working my way through a number of alternatives, I think the best solution (so far) is to decouple the two actions (searching and playlist adding). The idea here is that search would "remember" the results which would then be available to a subsequent command which would apply a user-specified action (add to playlist, in your case) to each of the files/directories the search found. Of course, not all actions would be appropriate and it would need to distinguish between files and directories. It also needs some protections to prevent the user inadvertantly applying a damaging action to the search results.

So, as an example the key sequence "g", "Madonna", "ESC", ";a" (where ';' is keymapped to our new "apply" action) would add (depending on your particular file mix) all Madonna's audios to the playlist... and the Beatles' "Lady Madonna". Obviously some skillful search terms or subsequent playlist editting may be required.

Does that look workable to you?

I'm sure Damian will appreciate your thanks for his development of MOC.

Hi jcf,

I personally (and I wonder that no one has uttered the need for a "search and add from results" capability ;)) like browsing and adding specifically selected files.
File browser examples would be e.g. xfe's filter option: filter for *madon*, browse filtered results and add from selected line; then clear filter and have regular file list again.
I think mc handles this in a similar way.
So in an ideal world ;) for me, it would be "F" (like 'apply filter mode'), "madonna", "Enter" (filter now is applied); browse filtered files and folders, add as desired. Hit "F" again (or "C" like 'clear filter') and back to full file list.
I don't know if that is applicable, I'm a non-techie ;).

I had already considered something like this, but there are also several refinements, alternatives and implementations I would like to consider.

Unfortuantely, I'm going to have very little time over the next month or two as I attend to some more immediate personal matters, and there are a couple of more urgent MOC matters which will need my attention as well. Hopefully, I 'll be able to find some time during that period but I can't predict just how things are going to work out right now.

Sorry for that bit of bad news.