System Reinstall - no more tags

MOC version: 

After reinstalling my system with some changes (debian bullseye), mocp doesn't show me tags any more (except of the tags in playlists).

Version 2.6-alpha3 installed via apt.

libenca0 librcc0 librcd0 libresid-builder0c2a libsidplay2 libsidutils0 libtagc0 libtag1v5 are installed.

I did not change something on the tag-options, so the defaults are set:

#ID3v1TagsEncoding = WINDOWS-1250
#UseRCC = yes
#UseRCCForFilesystem = yes
#EnforceTagsEncoding = no

I must have lost some package by throwing away thunar, I guess.

I am sorry, I must have messed up my config, I rebuilt it by hand, everything fine. Some little mistake in the FormatString.

I had started triaging this problem but glad to hear I've been saved a task. Thanks for letting us know.

Happy New Year!