Alpha Green [Theme]


Hi everybody! I've been using MOC about 2 years ago, but I always thought that the project was abandoned. It's a great surprise to discover this. I have a theme that I've been using since the first time I used MOC. It was made by me. With transparent background and green text (just like my Linux console).

Screenshot here

Download theme here (GitHub Gist)

No, MOC is not dead but progress is very, very slow at present due to severe real world demands. But there are still a lot of good things pending.

Thank you for your theme. User "dreyeth" has put some work in to preparing an updated theme pack, but we ran into what we believe to be a bug in earlier ncurses versions which caused leaking of colours when switching between themes and I have not yet had time to return to the task of releasing it. I shall include your new theme in it.

An updated theme pack? Something like a compress file with theme files? It sounds good.