Network broadcasting

Hi there,

is possible to create 'playlists' for internet broadcasts? (I hope that I've translated it well. I mean "internet radio"). When I've inserted url to the playlist, it does not work. Am I missing something, but it's just not supported?...If it's not supported, then it may be added to nice-to-have list :)..

Thanx for answer and MOC, it's really great player!

Mine network shoutcasts works just fine. Maybe your MOC was compiled with ``--without-curl'' option?

This kind of an .m3u is working just now in my network.

I have the same problem - if your problem is to 'play a playlist'.
Maybe I am just to stupid to figure out how this is done inside MOCs interface but currently I made myself a script that extracts all files/streams from a playlist and adds them to MOCs playlist.
(I use this for example with streamtuner as a command to play pls/m3u playlists).

Maybe this script is of help to your situation... (the 'mocplaypls' part)