[theme] Nightshade (Mercurial)


I'm having a ton of trouble with the Mollom spam posting system so I'll be just linking
a source repository.


This is a link to my nightshade theme for MOC.

If you're a mod and see any of my other posts for my Nightshade theme on these
forums please delete them.

Sorry that Mollom is still causing you problems. I did put in a rule to allow you to post so it should have worked, but I've now tweaked it a little so hopefully...

I have removed your previous Nightshade posts. Maybe you could add the screen image you'd previously posted to this post.

I'd love to, I need a image hosting site that won't pull the image down.

I noticed the one I was using pulled it down after awhile, got any recommendations
for a place to host the picture that will keep permanently?

As always you rock. >:)

I'm flirting with the idea of keeping the user contributed themes on a repository,
would the themes posted into contrib be considered freely available that everyone
would be okay if they were posted on a source repository?

So someone could do a checkout clone in their .moc/themes directory and have the
user contributed themes sync'd to their latest version?

You could also take it a step further and have moc when first run autogenerate .moc/themes/ and put the repository
info in there for the distributed source control system.

Then people would know where to post their themes, and were to put commits and pushes to, and were
to type a single command to checkout all the default themes from.

Its just I idea I had with tons of beer 'enhancing' my cognitive thinking. >_>

I do not think it's a good idea to introduce an install dependancy on a VCS to make the clone or on having an Internet connection to populate it.

Thats cool it was just a idea I was tossing around while having a few beers.

No populating of any kind happens without a internet connection for retrieval even
downloading and extracting the tarball into the moc theme directory.

As for preference it would probable not be a good idea to choose something over the
other, even if it would never become a dependency, a lot of distros don't have
options for 'optional dependency' and even then its not really optional if you consider
contributing themes back to be 'non-optional'.

Would it still be possible to put the user contributed thems on a VCS though?
Which is completely contradictory to the post you just put up about not introducing

My brain just exploded analyzing that.

:: 1. Internet Connection Required ::

A internet connection would be required to submit themes.

A internet connection would be required to intially retrieve themes.

A interntet connection is always required to retrieve and submit themes even
even downloading the initial compressed archive.

How do you define the internet connection to be required?

:: 2. VCS required to build package ::

The VCS would be required as a installation dependency to build MOC depending on packagers definition of dependencies.

If a optional repository was created hosting the user contributed themes do you consider it required? and how
would you define optional?

There should be no prefered VCS.

Is it any different then switching Links or Lynx or any other browser cable of rendering moc.daper.net + a uncompressor +
mutt as the preferable VCS?

With a VCS is the web browser still required if you have to find the address of the VCS through the web
browser the first time?

Have I had too much beer and is it 'water' logging my brain? >_>

I'll probable edit this post a few times when my brain is less sogy and 1 + 1 = 2 again,
and everything isn't a shade of grey. o_O

What VCS is the master source repository for MOC using?

I'm going to do some looking, I really shouldn't be asking you for that info, I should know it.

Cheers, and don't take offense I'm usually guffawing when I'm 'sogy' and hard to deal with,
and I think the development you've done with MOC is awesome.

Sorry for being difficult, its the beer. ;)

We were working on an updated themes tarball, but that stalled due to an ncurses problem which needed to be further investigated and other time-consuming events of 2015.

Sigh hell if I can remember how I took my original true linux console screenshot from before. =/

fbcat is the only solution I found to take a proper screenshot of the linux console.

I found the program its called fbcat.

Here is how to use it http://www.upubuntu.com/2013/01/how-to-take-screenshot-of-terminal.html

Arch Linux has a AUR script to install it.

Heree is a screenshot of the theme in action.
Unfortunately I couldn't embed the image in the post but click the link.

I'm happy to see that bit bucket has a address for hosting smaller binary files.

But I don't know if it will stay up here.

The screenshot was captured off of a real Linux console using the terminus font as usual. :)

It definitely looks better on a real console then it does under my terminal emulator rxvt-unicode,
even though they're both using the same font.

Changed mercurial repositories, the new repository is at.


Thanks for doing that. Personally, I would have preferred GIT, but to each his own.

I do have the upgrade of the themes bundles on my list to be done before 2.6-beta1, but there is still that colour problem to be resolved. Unfortunately, there's so much to be done in MOC that once a task losses focus (for whatever reason) it's difficult to get back to it.