Multiple in-program playlists



I think that a nice feature to have in moc would be the ability to have multiple "in-program" playlists.
What I am envisioning is the functionality in Audacious.

My use case is that I load up various playlists, and switch between them quite frequently.
For example, one playlist 'reggae', one 'classical', one 'Elvis Presley' ... et.c. and switch between them depending on what I want.

At the risk of repeating myself, multiple and dynamic playlists are in the plan, but there are still a number of more urgent matters to be addressed first.

It sounds like in your usage the preloading of selected playlists at startup might also be useful. Am I right?

Hi Jeff

Thanks for your reply. Your suggestion regarding an ability to configure MOC to load certain playlists on startup is certainly intriguing, it's not something I had previously thought about. Yes, I think such a feature would be valuable in addition to multiple/dynamic playlists.