FormatString: Align left/right?


I'd like to see the possibility to align left/right on the FormatString line. Especially on track numbers.

Here's mine:

# Default FormatString FormatString = "%(n:%n :)%(a:%a - :)%(A:\[%A\] - :)%(t:%t:)"

I'd like to align right the tracknumber tag, so I can align all tracks when I'm playing a playlist with 10+ or 100+ tracks.

Hi lmello,
I will add your feature request to the list and ask mocmaint if that's feasible in reasonable time (soon ;-)).

Next time, could you please create thread in relevant section of forum (Wishlist)?

Moved to wishlist.

I think it may be related to an old problem of padding in FormatString.

This is indeed addressed in the patch for the "zero-padding" request. That patch allows you to prepend '<' or '>' to each selector to give appropriate padding, but it does not align the string as a whole (although it could be added).

That patch ran into the problem which the question "Is it also supposed to work on playlists?" raises, and I had no easy answer to that. Hence the patch got stuck in my work queue and remains MOC's "problem child" to this day.