seek feature through files list


when trying to seek or silent seek, the progress stops at the end or beginning if reverse seek of the current file. It would be good if moc could go beyond the current file like cd players do.

... MOC's not a CD player.

Seeking occurs within files; to move to adjacent files use 'n' or 'b' (as default keys).

... MOC's not a CD player.

whatever it is, it would be very useful. I know it would require quite some exotic changes.

This would require a significant amount of work to implement and also inflict a high operational overhead in use. Think about all the corner cases, like what happens if you seek backwards into an audio of undetermined duration or one which has a format which doesn't support seeking. And what about playlists?

The result would hardly be seemless in use or audibly gapless.

The advantage CD players have is that the audio data is actually one continous stream with only one format, sampling rate, bit depth and number of channels, with the tracks imposed by metadata. Under those conditions the job is much easier.

I can envisage a design which would enable this, but it is so far from MOC's current implementation that whomever undertook it would have to do so in a fork of MOC.

But if you have a specific requirement rather than a general feature request then maybe there is another way of attacking it.