Tag editor, interface, ...


MOC version: 


this is all based on a partially done C++ port and I removed a lot of things to get that done faster, so I don't know how useful this is to anybody else, but for whatever it's worth, code is on GitHub and the changes are:

  • ratings (and they mostly work now ;-) updating the ratings file manually is not handled properly yet)
  • tag editor (for artist/album/title/track)
  • renaming and deleting files (without losing ratings)
  • three-column layout (artist/album/title, replaces FormatString option)
  • menu (similar to Midnight Commander's F9 menu, replaces the help viewer)
  • querying for file names and such is done in dialogs, instead of in the info area
  • multi-selection: shift+arrows extend the selection, which can then be moved, deleted or tagged all at once
  • mouse interface (actually quite useful on a tablet!) - layout can be dragged, timebar can be clicked for seeking, double-click files to play them, ...
  • clients no longer sync the playlist amongst themselves - the server holds the playlist and the "clear playlist" command now creates an empty local playlist for the client. Playing from that list sends it off to become the new server playlist. Clearing an empty playlist goes back to and fetches the server playlist again.
  • seeking through EOF plays the next file
  • full paths are printed relative to the music directory, home directory, or the longest common prefix
  • switched from AutoTools to SConstruct (probably only builds on Linux at the moment)