2.2.0 is here! The list of changes is the longest from all releases. Below are the most important new features (the full list also with bug fixes is here).

  • Support for new formats: FLAC and various less popular (AU, AIFF, VOC, etc. using libsndfile). Libsndfile also improved support for WAV.
  • Custom keymaps can be used.
  • Synchronizing the playlist between clients (interface instances).
  • Going to a directory by typing the path with file-name completion (i command).
  • Ability to use default (transparent) and grey color. (Marcin Michałowski).
  • New color themes: transparent background (Marcin Michałowski), nightly_theme (Wim Speekenbrink), green_theme (Jacek Lehmann).
  • MOC should now work on big-endian processors.
  • G command: go to a directory when the currently played file is.
  • U command: go to '..'.
  • Fast, silent seeking ('[' and ']' keys).
  • A bar showing time of the current file.