Tray icon controlling some mocp functions is very useful and convenient for me, so I've written simple script to do this task. It's written in perl/gtk (it was initially done in tcl/tk but i couldn't make tktray to build). You can spawn a console with mocp by left clicking on the tray icon, and right click brings pop-up menu with basic controls. I've set up even a google.code page ;] to share it with others.


I really like the idea of this minimalistic tray application. Thanks for sharing!
There is one small problem (feature ?) though:
If moc is not running and I want to get information (stupid use-case, but i have this with some other status monitor) moc is started as a server (you can see this in the output). This is generally not bad but a simple 'pgrep mocp' could help to determine if you need to check for the status at all. This might be a matter of taste but I would prefer the tray app not to start moc in this case.

If you take feature suggestions ( ;-) ), one thing I would like to have is (configurable) information display via tool-tip.

I've done some upgrades since 0.1 and I'm still working on moc-tray (I think it's great way to learn gtk2-perl), and of course i accept feature requests and suggestions :).