Unable to compile with alsa support

I have been unable to install MOC as the debian repositories listed in the Download tab give me an error. So I have been trying to compile it myself and have run across the following problem. I am unable to get MOC to recognise my alsa install in Cruchbang Statler.

MOC will be compiled with:
Decoder plugins: mp3
OSS: yes
ALSA: no
JACK: no
DEBUG: yes
RCC: no
Network streams: no
Resampling: no


Despite the fact that the audio driver in use is alsa any ideas how I can fix this?

Currently I can run the install but it gives out the following error:

Running the server...
Trying OSS...

FATAL_ERROR: No valid sound driver

FATAL_ERROR: Server exited

I want it to use alsa is there a way to force this?


If this is a debian system, I guess you need libasound2-dev.

If your System runs Debian just apt-get install moc-ffmpeg-plugin. This will install moc out of the Debian repository.

Debian's moc maintainer