MOC, running in console, screen jumbled

I just installed MOC to try it out. So far I am very impressed with the features in it.

I am running it on Ubuntu Breezy without X Windows installed. I'm having an issue where running it in the console makes the screen get jumbled a bit. I don't get the nice line border around the window, and it seems to push all of the text over 1 space when the timer starts. Refreshing the screen with ^r will bring it back to normal for just a second, but then the problem persists. I've tried in a standard console, as well as setting the framebuffer to 1024x768.

This only seems to happen locally on the machine, if I SSH into the jukebox from another machine running X with gnome-terminal, everything looks fine on the screen and I am able to control MOC. Does anyone have any insight into this? I have a feeling it has to do with the TERM settings in my shell. Logged in locally, TERM is set to "linux", but through SSH, it is set as "xterm". Setting it manually to xterm in my shell does not help the situation. Any thoughts?

It's a known problem if you use UTF8 console.
It will be fixed in 2.4, because this release will be UTF8 aware.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Damian. Switching my default locale seems to have fixed it. For those using the stable version of MOC on Ubuntu, you can try these steps to see if this fixes it for you:

1) dpkg-reconfigure locales
2) select another locale to be generated that is non UTF8, for instance, en_US ISO-8859-1.
3) on the next screen, select this new locale as your default.
4) reboot.
5) it should now work properly.

Thanks again Damian!

One more thing: you can use ASCIILines = yes in the config file as a workaround.
Damian Pietras - MOC developer