I just want to put this out there, as I spent a while scratching my head over it.

Make sure you install libsamplerate-devel rather than just the libsamplerate library for Resampling support. haha, I should have clicked to this a lot earlier.

This is under Scientific Linux/RHEL 6.3, whith MOC compiled from source.

Hi auraltension

Oh yes! Devel packages are always necessary if you compile from source. Libsamplerate libs are even listed along needs in README:

" For resampling (playing files with sample rate not supported by your hardware):
- libresamplerate 0.1.2 or newer ("

Here you can find src rpms for Fedora; they can be used to rebuild a binary packages in RHEL/CentOS 6.3 system by executing 'rpmbuild' command (you need RPMFusion repos enabled, too).