Play first entry from playlist


I'm having a problem with the playlist order in moc. I've got a playlist (no matter if it's m3u or pls) with 2 internetradio-stations. When I clear the moc playlist with -c, then append my playlist with -a and start playing, moc starts with the first entry from the playlist. When I add a third station to my playlist and repeat the procedere moc uses the third entry from my playlist as the first. The second entry is the first from the list and the third entry is the second entry from the list. I tested also the pls-format where you can explicit define title1, title2,... but this also doesn't work for me. Got anybody an idea why moc always changes the playlistorder?

I tried to understand what you describe, but couldn't. The point where you say "repeat the procedure" is unclear as to what exactly you're referring to. Can you explain exactly what you're doing more precisely? thanks.


when I add a third station to the playlistfile (for example with nano or vi) and then repeat the first steps again (clear moc playlist, append the edited playlistfile and play it) moc won't start with the first entry of the playlistfile. The first entry in the moc-playlist is the third entry in the playlistfile and so on. When I use the same playlistfile but only with two entries moc uses the first file-entry as the first playlist-entry and the second file-entry as the second playlist-entry (as expected). I hope now it's easier to understand what I want to say.

I can reproduce the problem... sorry, "user experience"... using files rather than URLs. It looks to me like the entries are being reordered alphabeticly after the playlist is loaded. Does that agree with your observations?

There are a number of issues... sorry, "challenges"... with playlists and I do intend to overhaul them at some point. User-defined ordering would be one of those changes. However, it does seem to me that the ordering of playlist file entries should be preserved.