MOC freezes while loading playlist

MOC freezes while loading this example playlist

#EXTM3U #EXTINF:0,06 In Flagrante Delicto.ogg /home/blaze/music/Anaal Nathrakh/2016 The Whole of the Law/06 In Flagrante Delicto.ogg

Not sure why is that happening with this particular song.

version 2.6.0 svn revison 2935 on Debian/Ubuntu


Important note: "music" directory is a symbolic link. Otherwise it is not reproducible.

I cannot reproduce it. How do you load this playlist - "Enter" or "A"? Does it happen only with this file? I suppose you have disabled reading tags (hence time is zero) - is it important for the issue?

I found another variation of the issue: MOC freezes when I navigate into the directory with the problematic file, or I can add the file by "mocp --append <path>".
It looks like some file information cannot be read or added into cache when there is a symbolic link in the path. Works only for quite a few files, yet I found more of them. I believe symlink is crucial here.

Contact me via email if you want a file for testing.

Well, I've cleaned up the cache and the issue is gone. Now I feel stupid, like why I didn't do it before.

The whole issue is gone or just this variation?

The whole.

Good to hear that. I had a couple of tags cache related hangs in the past as well. Some information about the related issues can be found here:

However if you would find a way to reproduce the corruption, let us know.