Feature Request: Browse by Tag

It would be great if we could not only browse our filetree, but browse via id3 tag information - i.e. browse by genre, artist, year, etc., etc.

I like how I don't have to add files to the playlist to play them in MOC, yet manually searching my enormous music library for music that I hope is the right genre is somewhat tedious.

great player thanks for that!

a persistent database (created once if triggered to) from my given music folder would be the one thing, that makes MOC really perfect for me, and all the other players obsolete! then I could search my music tags like in any other player within milliseconds...

Thanks so much to you all...

In my opinion a very big advantage/feature of moc is, that it works very good without a database. If a tag database is implemented, please make it only optional. :)

Commit r2461 added the ability to disable use of the tags cache database by setting the 'TagsCacheSize' option to zero.

Commit r2462 added the '--disable-cache' option to configure which allows MOC to be built without tags cache database support.

Has this feature been implemented?

Er... the subject says it all.

It's also two years old, that's why I'm wondering.
Has it been started? I'd be interested in trying my hand at implementing this.

It hasn't been started yet, but I am aware of the requirement and I do have an idea of how it would be implemented (without adding weight for those who don't want it). But my implementation depends on two features which are still in the works; if left to me it won't be any time soon.

Perhaps you could e-mail me at mocmaint on how you see it working.