2.4.1 - not all bugs fixed

The good news today is that we have a new release. Unfortunately it doesn't mean that the development of MOC awaken. I've decided to make this version because as you can see in the changelog there were 16 bugs fixed since the last release. Moreover there are still known bugs which havent been resolved, you can read the list in the TODO file included with the sources. My policy is to not include new features when the last number in the version increases, but there is one little addition, the 'P' command (PlaylistFullPaths configuration option) that allows to turn off displaying full paths in the playlist.

For those who want new features there is a little more in the SVN version: a command to prune unreadable files from the playlist (written by tyranix) and Modplug support (by Hendrik Iben) not included in 2.4.1.



I'm really sad that you didn't include my planets_theme which i emailed you months ago. Because i lost the theme in a hd-crash.
Anyway, thanks for the new version. :-)

May be daper may send it back to you.

I still have it in my .moc/themes :)

<br /> #<br /> # Theme: moca<br /> # Author: Nicola Vitale <nivit@email.it><br /> #<br /> background = white black<br /> frame = white black<br /> window_title = cyan black bold<br /> directory = white black<br /> selected_directory = cyan black bold<br /> playlist = white black<br /> selected_playlist = cyan black dim,underline<br /> file = white black<br /> selected_file = cyan black dim,underline<br /> marked_file = cyan black<br /> marked_selected_file = cyan black underline<br /> info = cyan black dim<br /> status = red black bold<br /> title = cyan black<br /> state = red black bold<br /> current_time = red black bold<br /> time_left = red black bold<br /> total_time = red black bold<br /> time_total_frames = red black bold<br /> sound_parameters = white black bold<br /> legend = white black<br /> disabled = white black dim<br /> enabled = white black bold<br /> empty_mixer_bar = cyan black dim<br /> filled_mixer_bar = black cyan<br /> empty_time_bar = magenta black dim<br /> filled_time_bar = magenta cyan dim<br /> entry = white black<br /> entry_title = magenta black bold<br /> error = red black bold<br /> message = green black bold<br /> plist_time = cyan black bold<br />

I'm thinking about taring all contributed themes and put it here.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Thank you, very cool! :-)