audio CDs

I really like this piece of software. This is the way you listen music, EASY and fast.
But im wondering about playing audio CDs
Anybody knows how to play audio CDs within MOC? Should be fantastic!
Another feature i miss is the capability of filtered searches, i.e. browse your music
by author, tittle, album (depending on the tags you can/have)

I am on OpenSolaris now, so I cant verify this info... but... You cannot just mount the CD (i.e. in /mnt/music) and go to this catalog within MOC ? Just select the music from /mnt/music and that`s it.

I dont quite get Your problem... it is impossible to do what I wrote?

This could be a good idea (i was thinking on other problem too: the audioCD format)
I've tried yours:

zeppelin ~ # mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom/
mount: block device /dev/hdc is write-protected, mounting read-only
mount: /dev/hdc: can't read superblock

but it was worst than i thought, nothing came to the directory
I now my Desktop can read audioCDs with other programs like grip (for rip also de CD). When its a data CD it appears an fancy CD icon in my desktop and i can access to it (even if i go to /media/cdrom it is mounted there). But if it is an audio CD, there is no mounting operation from the part of my desktop.

Thanks aanyway.

When mount prints "can't read superblock" then device will not be mounted. That is why nothing is in directory.
To play audio CD you need to access /dev/hdc directly like other programs do. AFAIK moc is not able to do this now and some new decoder plugin will be necessary for it.

There seem to be two options on Linux:

Kernel Module:

Using FUSE:


If you are using Gnome (or maybe even if you're not: I'm not sure), some virtual .wav files are automaticly created in ~/.gvfs/*/ (There should only be one folder I think so I put a star because the folder name depends on the device you are using and on your language)
You can then play the CD with this command:
mocp -a ~/.gvfs/*/
EDIT: this will just add the tracks to the playlist, not play them automatically.

( I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid (gnome) )

Thanks for the suggestion about .gvfs. Worked for me on Ubuntu Hardy.

this solution worked for me, MANY thx

Maybe try add libcdio library into MOC
It is some way that can solve it.