.cue sheet support

will it be? waiting impatiently

Maybe you could clarify this a bit.
What is the gain in being able to play cuesheets ?

They are just a list of metadata for burning [audio] CDs.
More or less, they are a sort of playlist.

Do you want this because of the stored metadata (artist, title, etc.) ?

This is extremely useful when you have a monolithic cd image and *.cue file with metadata for this cd. Embedded cue support (as cue inside cue apev2 tag) will be handy too.

Personally I would have no use for this but I see your point.
AFAIK cuesheet support would be either very ugly or very hard to implement with moc's architecture.
If there is no programmer with personal interest out there I would not hold my breath while waiting for this feature...

Hi all,
If no one is interested in implementing cue sheet support in moc, I would like to try it. Hope that soon I will generate some useful patch..

wow. can't wait to see your patch released

I would like to help if you have some problems,
let me know if I can do something...

yeah, imho this would be great to see moc supporting cue-sheets. i download monolothic cdrips oftenly
unfortunately, i'm not a programmist and can't help myself and other ones who waits for this feature

There's also alot of mp3 releases floating around on the web, where the CD has been ripped as a full mp3 file and supplied with a cue file defining where the tracks start. This is often the case with mixed albums, where the songs has been mixed together.

Therefore I'd like to see CUE file support in my favourite music player for linux ;-)

So you want .cue files to be threated as m3u playlist and mp3 file together. That probably would mean to patch moc core source.

IMHO better if we see splited virtual files (like any other files) and hide original big file.

What MihailZenkov said.

The large MP3 files would preferably be displayed as separate ("virtual") tracks in the playlist, but not in the file system browser.

I am a new user of MOC, and I need to know if there is any way to use the. cue. My English is terrible so I apologize...mi español no es mucho mejor ;)

I'm afraid MOC still doesn't have cuesheet support, but it is planned for MOC 2.7, or maybe a little earlier.

I have some support for cuesheets and replaygain. Maybe my patch will be helpful to someone else. It is done against rev2732 of svn.

get it here: https://yadi.sk/d/evky8jBDbziN5

do something like this:

svn co svn://daper.net/moc/trunk@2732 .<br /> tar -xf cuesheets-replaygain-2732.tar.gz<br /> patch -p0 &lt;cuesheets-replaygain-2732.patch<br /> autoreconf -i<br /> ./configure<br /> make<br /> make install<br />

There is new command 'go_inside' for keymap.
In file panel we can enter inside cuesheet(^d by default) and add individual
tracks as always with 'a'.
If we add cuesheet with 'a', all its tracks will be added into playlist.
If we add dir with 'a' all inside cuesheets will be split into tracks,
cuesheet source (FILE directive in cue) will not be added.
see also option Cuesheet_FindFile in config.exampe

That patch adds replaygain support also (too lazy to cut if off :) )
It works when softmixer is on.
Switch to rg mixer with 'x' key: you'll see RG.off or RG.track or RG.album as
mixer name, switch between rg modes with 'W'.
rg preamp level [0..100] is mapped to [-20..20] dB: i.e. no rg preamp on 50% of rg mixer vol.
see also option Replaygain_preamp_without_info in config.example

sorry for my bad English:)

Thank you for your efforts in providing this patch. Unfortunately, the download URL on that yadi.sk link you give is not valid and when corrected gives a server error.

It's also unfortunate that you didn't heed my advice to check with mocmaint before undertaking any significant work as in this case you have repeated work for which I already have several implementations from which to choose. However, the approach you've taken for cue sheet support will be taken into account when I evaluate the options available and integrate the best of the ideas from each in a single feature. That work is still a little way off.

I also already have a patch to implement ReplayGain which is much closer to being integrated, but I'd still like to consider the approach you've taken. Could you e-mail mocmaint your patch, please?

All that said, the advantage your patch has (or would have if we could get it) is that it's here now and not just the vapourware I'm currently promising.

Maybe server allows downloads only from Russia.
Let dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/s/5lcnfjt9347ustq/cuesheets-replaygain-2732.tar.gz?dl=0

I've done rg support so long ago and I'm lazzy to cut it off the patch right now.

MOCP is cool and you have huge plans for its future. I use cuesheets for about 18 months and wanted to share my attempts with mere mortals like me.

I'm sorry if my words was rude. It was just a fun to enhance my lovely player :)

Now downloaded, thanks. There are some interesting approaches and some areas of code which will be greatly simplified by upcoming changes. I will talk to you by e-mail in due course.

I did rg support so long ago and I'm lazy to cut it off the patch right now.

It wasn't obvious to me that it wasn't a new piece of work. I was expecting the patch to contain both aspects, so that's fine.

I'm sorry if my words were rude.

There was nothing rude in what you said; no need to apologise.

I would love to get this patch, but the dropbox link doesn't seem to be working any longer. If someone could send me a copy, I would be eternally grateful. It will be a glorious day when CUE sheets are supported in MOC!

Yes, I do have it and shall e-mail it to you.

I'm not sure how it will apply to whatever release of MOC you have, though.

But beware that it mashes together two separate concerns: cuesheets and replay gain. One of the big delays in getting this committed has been the separation of these as it's not an easy task and requires a block of time where I can concerntrate on it without distractions, and although I've made several attempts I've never been able to complete the task.

Well, I used to split monolithic flac files that come with cue. But, well, it's easier to use deadbeef for them :( Deadbeef is a great player but still I'd prefer to stay with MOC... Any chance there;s some progress that I missed?

Cuesheets (of the .cue variety) are still planned (and which would be very useful to me as well), but I'm ashamed to say that I haven't made any progress on them at all. I had intended to work on MOC this weekend, but once again more urgent things have intervened.

"I haven't made any progress on them at all" - and I haven't made much progress in splitting my still monolithic flacs :D. Anyway I'm enjoying using moc player. Pity I'm not a C++ programmer, would have tried to jump in.

Many thanks also to Flacon (https://flacon.github.io) developers. Sure they could provide some usable contribution - after all they actually split those files and they are FSF. Maybe I should try to contact them?

I split flacs just by a single command (assuming you have only one cue and flac file in the directory):

shnsplit -f *.cue -o flac -t "%n %p - %t" *.flac

It uses shntools: http://shnutils.freeshell.org/shntool/

Yeah, seems I'd better write some shell script finding cue files in subfolders + shnsplit-ing those and cutag-ing them. Or maybe wait for couple of years more :D

I implemented cuesheet support as a original patch for moc package for cygwin. The idea is very different form jcf's one, but my implementation treats cuesheets as another kind of playlists.

You can get the patch from:

This patch might need other patches, so I recommend applying the patches in the following order.

https://cygwin.com/cgit/cygwin-packages/moc/tree/ Support-for-recent-ffmpeg-change.patch Fix-broken-ape-sound-in-ffmpeg.patch Add-tag-data-support-for-sndfile.patch Improve-unpause-accuracy.patch Improve-seek-accuracy-of-mp3-plugin.patch Fix-oss-volume.patch ffmpeg-7.0.patch Fixes-for-non-utf8-locale.patch Skip-BOM-in-playlist-file.patch Improve-seek-accuracy-of-ffmpeg-plugin.patch Add-cuesheet-support.patch

libcue is also necessary.

These can be applied and should work for non-cygwin platform like Linux. I hope this could help this project.

I would appreciate if someone could kindly try and give me some feedback.

I forgot to mention that the patches are against svn trunk (r3005).