Crackling Noise Fixed by Pause UnPause

Hi Everyone,

I am running MOC on Lubuntu on a bananapi.

Everything is running perfectly fine. But there is a very weird bug!

Whenever I use mocp -f which is the command for next track, the next song does not play, all i hear is crackling and literary no audible noise. mocp -i shows that the track is running ok.

If I pause the track with mocp -P and then unpause with mocp -U. The song goes back to normal and I can here it clearly and perfectly!

I haev used MOC before on many other systems, this is the first time I test on the BPi and do not have a clue what is going on!

I want to also add, that if I am playing a playlist, and a song ends, the next song plays normally. But if I try to "play next" it does not work!!

Really baffling

Before maintainer replies, let me just ask you to provide more details (see - at least MOC version, sound driver, audio format, maybe debug logs.

By "play next" do you mean pressing "n" key in client?

Thanks for the reply.

My MOC Version is 2.5.0-beta1

I used sudo apt-get moc to install it. I did and apt-get update and upgrade before installing moc, looks like my MOC is behind by 2 versions.

Yes by Playing next I mean pressing the n key, but I am actually running the background server only.

So I use "mocp -S" . then to play next track I use "mocp -f"

I can -D for debug mode, the song seams to be moving on ok without signs of distress. It is just weird that if I pause then unpause the problem is solved!

From the information given, this looks like the manifestation of a bug reported in this post and fixed by SVN r2555 in MOC 2.5.0. A less likely possibility is SVN r2528 which relates to WMA audios.

Thanks for such a quick reply. How do I apply patch "r2555" ?

Btw, I am playing mp3 files only.

Given that anything prior to MOC 2.5.0 is now unsupported, I'd suggest that you upgrade to that release rather than applying a single patch as the process is much the same (and you get all the other benefits of using a stable release). Download it from the MOC website and follow the instructions in the README.

Let us know if that fixes your problem.