MOC's RPMs for Fedora 22+


Hi all.

MOC's RPMs for Fedora 22+ are not available yet on RPMFusion because they're trying migrate to a new infrastructure.

If someone wishes to install MOC pre-packaged for Fedora 22/23, please leave me a feedback in this forum thread.

Hi, thank you for your info about MOC player in Fedora 23. I'm very interested in using it in Fedora 23 cause I use to in some other linux distros as well for a longer period, thank you very much.

As well as I was not able to register properly to this forum and I'm afraid I won't be able to log in here again, so please let me know about your fedora 23 moc package via e-mail ... thank you!

RPMs of MOC are on GitHub: here

MOC (2.6) is newly available on RPMFusion with a new space for RPMs
and for commit all changes of specification file:

A package built for a stable release (e.g. f24, f23) will go to the "updates-testing" repository. You'll have to wait a period ranging from 10 to 14 days for your package to be transferred to the "updates" repository. It's a manual action, somebody real actually does that, so don't panic.

All RPMs of MOC-stable remain on GitHub: