MOC and Screenlock

How to make MOC keep playing music after screen lock. I am using Manjaro XFCE and the music stops when the screen is locked and continue after I unlock

MOC comes in two pieces, the client interface and the background server. If you quit the client ('q') the server continues to run.

If you do that before the screen is locked, does the music still play on?

If not, you might have to tell me what is doing the locking and identify some other application which continues regardless.

no it stops :(

I tried with other players, I thought this happens only with MOC.

If it's happening with other players, it's probably happening with all other applications and is the work of the screen locker (which is why I asked you to tell me what it was... maybe it has an option to allow named daemons to continue running).

I think is LightDM