A logotype proposition for MOC


Because i love to much this software, i purpose a logotype for the MOC Player, hosted on wikimedia as .SVG file: IMAGE(https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:MOC_(Music_On_Console)_Logotype.svg)
Need to have your appreciations, please.

... and I haven't had time to write a patch so it does.

Could you post a PNG version of the image, please.

Also see this post.

Wikimedia does that automatically:

I know it puts the thumbnail there as a PNG (like Wikipedia) but something is lost in translation and some of it is missing (as it is in Wikipedia).

It doesn't help that Wikimedia also understates the value in the HTTP Content-Length header with compressed files (as does Wikipedia) which results in a truncated and undecompressable file. Fortunately, my patch for Wikipedia also works for Wikimedia.