Key for add after currently playing



So my idea is that there could be a separate key for adding a selected item after the currently playing track, not the end of the playlist.

Isn't queue (z key by default) enough for your use case?

It is a nice feature, but it still always adds to the end of the queue

It seems a very specific requirement; would adding the file then using 'u' and/or 'j' to position it where you wanted in the playlist not suffice?

Yes, it is specific :) If I have a big playlist it can be hard to manage it. I like to browse my music, and If I see one that I would like to hear after the current, I add it after it. Of course, if I see another one, I still add it after the current, so the first one added is actually the second in this case. This is just an idea, I would like to see sometime in the future if its not hard to implement (I never tried C), and maybe other users would use it.

I can see two ways forward at this stage, but let me think on it a bit. My initial reaction was that it would not be a general requirement, but I'm beginning to come around to your way of thinking.

That said, I'm trying to get a new release prepared but not finding much time to do even that at present. There are several things which I regard as prerequistes for that release and they all require a bit of an effort.

BTW, although you want a more responsive solution, you can just edit a saved playlist in your preferred text editor and then reload it.