gMusic is a GTK frontend for Music on Console


I'm working on it at this moment, and it needs a lot of love, but... This is my GTK frontend for Music on Console.

Features (now)

  • Full controls of MOC

Features (planned)

  • Create playlists
  • View playlists
  • View current song
  • Seek in the current song

It's alpha version yet! And the very first version on development released!

Seems to work for me, but I had to replace executable name "python3m" with plain "python3". Also, when I tried to stop it in console by Ctrl-C, it didn't close and moreover app became unclosable even by close button in gui.

Hmmm... the closing issue is weird. I'm going to check it now. The environment issue it's a mistake (related with my Python's installation).

I've just finished adding DBus support to get the current song on the frontend. And the roadmap is growing up, I have a lot of new ideas to make gMusic better!

Check it and give me feedback, please.

Do you plan to develop a way to extend the playlist manipulation methods? or will you rely solely on command line options (append, clear etc.)

A good idea, but a bad implementation, IMHO (Python). :-)