Development release.

New development release.


New alpha version (2.3.0-alpha1) was released. Some of the new features for 2.3 are present, but I think it will take more time to make 2.3.0. The improvemenets are:

  • Network streams (shoutcast, icecast, regular HTTP, FTP): currently only ogg vorbis is supported. This mechanism is a bit primitive, like in ogg123. To use it, you can load an m3u file with a URL or use the 'o' command.
  • Plugins: to drop dependencies from many exotic libraries, support for file formats was moved to shared libraries. This should help making MOC packages in future when more formats will be added.
  • Error messages for precached files are not displayed while other file is being played.
  • Input buffer in a separated thread is used for reading files (new options: InputBuffer and Prebuffering).
  • JACK output - currently only for 44.1KHz (by Alex Norman).
  • New theme: Yellow/Red (by Morten Grunnet Buhl).
  • Added -A command line option and ASCIILines config option that disables usage of graphic characters to draw lines.
  • The search command filters out not matching elements from the menu and allows to walk through the items like in the regular menu.
  • Added commands to set volume from 10% to 90% in 10% steps, default bindings are ALT-1 to ALT-9.
  • Added commands to quickly go to a selected directories (by Alex Norman).
  • Added --next and --previous command line options (by Alex Norman).
  • Added --info command line option that prints all information about the currently played file. (Based on the code by Michael Banks)
  • Added an option to ignore CRC errors in mp3 files (Mp3IgnoreCRCErrors - set to yes by default, like most players do).
  • Some documentation in Doxygen format with a config file to generate it.
  • Error messages for precached files are not displayed while other file is being played.
  • MOC now compiles using libtool.


The last beta was released: 2.2.0-beta2. This version contains a few fixes for beta1 bugs:

  • Repeat without AutoNext plays a song in loop.
  • Fixed deleting items from the playlist.
  • Synchronizing the playlist between clients is faster and works better.
  • Fixed handling a playlist file as command a line argument.
  • Fixed behaviour of --append --clear and --play.
  • Fixed some races between clients.
  • Fixed compilation with --disable-debug.
  • Fixed --version information.
  • Fixed a memory leak with SyncPlaylist turned off.
  • Updated the man page.


MOC 2.2.0-beta1 is here. Beta means that all features planned for 2.2.0 are implemented, and there are only bugs to hunt. Please test it, by sending bug reports you will help me make the final 2.2.0 release sooner. Changes from alpha3 are:

  • Synchronizing the playlist between clients (interface instances).
  • True shuffle, not a random item from the playlist.
  • Fast, silent seeking ('[' and ']' keys).
  • iconv() (character set conversion) for file names.
  • END and HOME keys working in the i command entry (go to a directory).
  • Synchronizing adding/deleting items from the playlist with the server's playlist.
  • Faster operations on big playlists.
  • Fixed saving playlist when more than one client wants to do this.
  • Fixed recursive adding file to the playlist if some directory can't be read.
  • Checking modification time of the currently played file when getting the time.
  • Checking for wrong redefinitions of keys.


This is the new (and the last) alpha release. Many new minor features were added and many bugs were fixed.

  • Custom keymaps.
  • Added AlsaMixer and AlsaDevice options.
  • Added '/' command working as an alias for g (Kamil Tarkowski).
  • Added CTRL-n working like CTRL-g (Kamil Tarkowski).
  • ? key working like h (Kamil Tarkowski).
  • Playlist time displayed in format 000:00:00 (Kamil Tarkowski).
  • Added green_theme (Jacek Lehmann).
  • Changing the icon name when changing the xterm title (Jacek Lehmann).
  • Arrow keys and the delete key works in the entry field.
  • Detecting other terminals beside xterm (Jacek Lehmann).
  • Added b (back) command (Kamil Tarkowski).
  • A bit faster getting files time.
  • Added SavePlaylist option.
  • Added a bar showing time of the current file.
  • Added (empty|filled)_mixer_bar, (empty|filled)_time_bar to themes.
  • Fixed setting sound parameters while playing OGG. This caused crashes on big ndian machines.
  • Fixed crash on some file tags.
  • Fixed crash when issuing some errors.
  • Fixed the --help message.
  • Fixed bad terminal state after exiting the client in rare cases.
  • Fixed adding directories recursively when ReadTags is turned off.
  • Fixed going to the root directory with the i command.
  • Fixed getting time when nothing is played.


The development of MOC slowed down a bit, but don't worry, here is a new alpha release: 2.2.0-alpha2. The changes are:

  • Displaying the total time of files on the playlist and in directories.
  • Faster reading and saving playlists.
  • Added --pause and --unpause command line parameters.
  • Added G command: go to a directory when the currently played file is.
  • Added U command: go to '..'.
  • Added nightly_theme.
  • Recognize if a file was modified and rereading tags and time if necessary.
  • The cursor is hidden when it's not needed.
  • Fixed sorting when using the A command.
  • Position of time and format in menu is fixed.
  • Searching for a theme in the user directory first.
  • Fixed interrupting operations with CTRL-C in some places.
  • Fixed a memory leak when reading OGG tags.
  • Few fixes when running MOC with file names or directories as arguments.
  • Fixed reading track numbers for mp3 files.
  • Changed the erroneous name of the time_left_frames to time_total_frames in themes.


New alpha release: 2.2.0-alpha1. This is a preview of new features in 2.2.0. Changes from the latest stable release:

  • Added support for FLAC audio format.
  • Added suport for various file formats like au, aiff, voc, and more using libsndfile. This also provides better support for waves.
  • Going to a directory by typing the path with file-name completion (i command).
  • Ability to use default (transparent) and grey color.
  • Added a theme with transparent background.
  • Global theme directory.
  • MOC should now work on big-endian processors.
  • Added XTermTheme option to use a different theme when running on XTerm.
  • Fixed the 'next' command when AutoNext option is turned off.


2.1.0-beta1 released. It's quite stable, please test and comment. The stable version will be released next week. Changes from alpha3:

  • Pressing CTRL-C interrupts long operations that blocks the interface like reding tags for hundreds of files.
  • Fixes for systems where threads are not processes.
  • Fixed crash when loading a malformed playlist.
  • Other fixes.


The last alpha release before 2.1.0: 2.1.0-alpha3, changes:

  • Precaching files and not closing the audio device when playing the next file - no more gaps between two songs.
  • Optional iconv() character set conversion.
  • Use of mmap() can be turned off (usefull on NFS).
  • Ability to use different config file/directory tan the default.
  • Fixed seeking and counting time in VBR mp3 files.


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