Radio streaming on Mocp

I have a little question about radio from internet.
I have downloaded a file stream.pls from internet from this page
(Użytkownik Linux'a:
Dla XMMS lub VLC: )
I hear the music , in playlist is a 3 file to choose (with different bit rate) but i cant see the title and artist in the mocp. There is only "Eska Rock" .
On XMMS there is everything ok.
Is there a way to see the artist and title in moc?
Why am i asking? I have this radio station on my HiFi but i don't have an RDS on it, and I want to see what's playing on radio (title and artist name) and then i can buy my favorite song :D from amule.

It seems to be this problem:

There was no good solution, but you can try patches that appeared in that thread.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

And , if You could tell me that, when will that be repaired in official MOC ?
I am not a programmer and if I cant find any real working solution then i cant make it work correctly. I only can change some code (im little understand code )but i cant make a new one.

I'll include the patch I've posted there because for now there is no better solution, but don't know when will be the next official release.

You can just take the patch from here: paste it in a fix.patch and do patch -p1 < fix.patch in the MOC source directory.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

I've made another patch that works with Eskarock better and is probably the best solution, you can find it here:

Download and apply to 2.5.0-alpha2 with patch -p0 < 2.5-stream-tags-fix-1.patch

It doesn't display stream metadata tags if decoder tags (like id3tags) are present.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Thank you for that patch. I will heck it. If it will work then i post a comment here. But , if you can, you could modify moc and add that to the stable release of the moc and that will be super extra. :D Or , eventually, make patchedmoc with couple of patch that some noobs (like me) could test it and dont have to play with its "implementation" .

There will be no stable release soon because 2.4.2 appeared two weeks ago and there are no more fixes yet. I also don't plan to make any patched releases.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer


I've backported your patch to version 2.4.2. Patch for this version can be downloaded from
(as well as Gentoo ebuild from upper directory).

I'm not sure if my patch doesn't introduce some leaks or anything similar. I've never touched code of moc project. But it works for me.

Thanks. I've also ported it, but not published as a .patch file. It looks like yours, if you have svn you can get it using:
svn diff -r 2028:2029 svn://

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

You promissed to include the patch into main branch, but apparently 2.5.0alpha02 is out and the patch is not inside.

Could you be so kind and apply the patch to the next release?

According the VLC is the track name in the vorbis comment. Stream meta information contains "Eska Rock" as title. This may be source of the problem because I think that MOC is getting this information from stream meta information.

hmm daper was faster