Contributed scripts/themes etc.

Update of moc-lyrics script.

The script was updated. It now uses some heuristics method to find lyrics if the exact phrase has not been found. You can download it from contrib. The full list of changes is:

  • new: guessing of the spelling if no results are found
  • new: debug messages to see what the script is doing
  • bug: searched all the sources instead of those specified by @sources
  • updated: Getopt::Lazy v.0.0.6 interface
  • updated: list of sources for Lyrics::Fetcher
  • updated: structured the script for clarity


MOC and Logitech G15 keyboard

Santiago Gil made a script that displays information from MOC on a Logitech G15 keyboard which has an LCD display. You can find it in the contrib section.



Robin Pronk sent me a script that allows displaying information about currently playing song on an LCD display using LCDd. You can download it from the contrib section.


XChat script

Roman Tworkowski made a script for XChat that show the currently played song. You can download it from the contrib page


Contrib page

There was a need for a place where all stuff contributed by users (scripts, themes) can be stored, so here is the new contribution page.

If you sent me a theme or a script before and it's not there, please send me it again, because it could be lost or I have it but with no information about the author.


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