MOC tray icon


I've written a small program to help control moc when you are letting moc run in server mode.

Called MocIcon and inspired by Moc-Tray *written in perl* i decided to write this because i dislike perl, so i am rewriting this in C which is faster, lighter and doesn't require another depends.

She docks herself in any existing tray and lets the user Play/Pause Start/Stop Server FF/RW and eventually information via notify-send. mouseover for current song soon!

*see the site for full features & upcoming ideas*

MocIcon Website

I wrote it on sunday. so you can expect many numbers of improvements quickly

I post here because this is a MOC forum after all. :P

Tell Me if you like, or have any ideas.

Calvin Morrison

Works fine for me! Thanks.

However I don't see a reason to start mocicon from build script. Also, shouldn't install canonically move it to /usr/local/bin instead of /usr/bin?

Thanks for the comments,

I'm looking into working with the moc socket interface *which is rather confusing i must admit!* so i can have real stop/play/go interface.

i wish there was some simple communication, maybe dbus?

It's really good (I've used it for a few months so this program is even necessary for me:)

The website seems to be offline.
Did anyone bother to make a mirror backup for this project?

Try here.

First result for mocicon @ DuckDuckGo refers to GitHub... (Why I am lazy, sometimes?)

The systray does not change Play icon to Pause when clicking on it. Other than that, great software. Thank you, Calvin.

I have made an SLKBUILD for Salix OS:
<br /> pkgname=mocicon<br /> pkgver=0.1.4<br /> pkgrel=gk<br /> source=($pkgname/files/$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.bz2)<br /> docs=("CHANGELOG README")<br /> url=</p> <p>slackdesc=\<br /> (<br /> #|-----handy-ruler------------------------------------------------------|<br /> "MocIcon - A Moc Tray Icon"<br /> "MocIcon, a gtk frontend for controlling mocp (music on console) from a"<br /> "system tray icon."<br /> )</p> <p>build() {<br /> cd $startdir/src/$pkgname-$pkgver<br /> ./configure \<br /> --prefix=/usr<br /> make || return 1<br /> make DESTDIR=$startdir/pkg install<br /> } </p> <p>

Спасибо.It's work.