MOC 2.0.0 has been released! Due to conflict with QT meta object compiler MOC executable name was changed to mocp. List of changes from 1.1.0 is here, changes since 2.0.0-beta1:

  • Fixed switching ReadTags when using playlist.
  • Fixed hiding error message.
  • Fixed printing error messages from the server.
  • Fixed problem with big terminals.
  • Dropped changing priority and scheduler agorithm. It didn't work as expected.
  • Fixed deadlock in the server.
  • Other small fixes.


First beta release for 2.0.0: 2.0.0-beta1. All features planned for 2.0.0 are implemented. I think 2.0.0 will be released next week, for now, please test this. Changes:

  • Added H command and ShowHiddenFiles option.
  • MOC remembers the last directory and starts in it at the next session.
  • Added d command - delete an item from the playlist.
  • Added StartInMusicDir configuration option and -m option.
  • When passing some file names as arguments, MOC will make a playlist, or if there was one directory - enters to it.
  • Playing more at one audio_play() call.
  • Added options to manage the server playlist: --append --clear, and --play.
  • Setting priority and scheduler for buffer thread.
  • Updated documentation and example configuration.
  • Some fixes.


New alpha release: 2.0.0-alpha2. Changes:

  • Added help screen.
  • Checking if the PID file is valid - run after crash without the need to removeit.
  • Added f command (switch ReadTags).
  • New configuration options for configuring sound devices: OSSDevice, OSSMixerDevice, OSSMixerChannel, SoundDriver
  • Support for WAVE.
  • Added commands: ^r -redraw the screen and r - reread the directory.
  • Fixed hang when the server dies before the client connects to it.
  • Redesigned the decode/play part - fixed seeking.
  • Fixed AutoNext.
  • Fixed setting empty xterm title.

2.0.0-alpha1: continuation of MOC development

Almost two years after the last release I want to inform that there is some developing work on MOC. At some time I decided to change many things, the bigger is that now MOC is split into the client and the server. I also wanted to fix some design issues. The best way was to rewrite the code. This has some drawbacks, for example completly new bugs, and lack of good changelog between the latest release and the current code. Also, an important thing is that the executable file has changed the name to mocp due to conflict with QT meta object compiler.

I would like you to try and test new MOC. I would be happy if you send me bug reports or suggestions. You can get the code using Subversion, a replacement for CVS (many projects have switched, for example SpamAssassin). The URL for svn is: svn://daper.net/moc/trunk. Go to download section to see how to use the svn command to get the code or to download the snapshot named moc-2.0.0-alpha1.tar.gz.

A list of changes (visible to useres) is here:

  • Split into client-server, you can detach the interface and leave the server playing songs in the background (keys: q - background, Q - quit).
  • Output buffer with seperate thread.
  • Using OSS directly - better stop and pause.
  • Support xterm resizing.
  • Using xterm title.
  • Autonext option (X key).
  • Faster reading directory contents.
  • Displaying time left to the end of the songs.
  • Fixed moving through symlinked directories.
  • Renamed executable file to mocp due to conflict with QT meta object compiler.
  • Do not allow displaying bitrate too fast to read it.
  • Fixed compilation with pthreads, better configure.
  • Fixed problems when compiling with gcc 3.3
  • Fixed displaying window title longer than the window.
  • Space key working as pause.
  • Fixed possible segfault in trenary expressions.
  • Removed version checker.
  • Fixed sorting directories ('../' was not always on top).
  • Fixed escaping characters in config file, no need for '\\\\'.
  • Stronger checking for parse errors in configuration file.

As the time of writing, there is no working seek in MOC, no command line switches, and no support for wave format.

Compilation issues with gcc 3.x.x

Many people have reported me that MOC doesn't compile. It's caused by bad code which is not accepted by gcc 3.x.x. Here is a small patch for that: ftp://daper.net/pub/soft/moc/moc-1.1.0-gcc3.patch.


SourceForge mirror

A mirror on SourceForge.net has been created. From now, you can download moc from fast servers using this link.


MOC 1.1.0 released!

New home page

As you can see, MOC has now a professional homepage ;). I hope it will provide more information than the old temporary page.


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