Additional patches for MOC.

Compilation fix for FLAC 1.1.3.

Current version of MOC can't be compiled with FLAC 1.1.3 due to API changes in the library. Josh Coalson sent me a patch to fix that some time ago which is included in the SVN repository, but in case someone needs this, it's also here.


reencode file names using librcc

Alexey Gladkov made another patch that enables MOC to use librcc not only for mp3 tags, but also for file names. You can download it here.


Command to prune unreadable files from the playlist

Tyranix made a patch for MOC 2.4.0 that adds a command to prune unreadable file from the playlist. You can download it from here


Modplug support and current MOC status

Hendrik Iben wrote a modplug plugin which can be downloaded from It uses libmodplug and supports various formats like .mod, .ux etc. It will be added in the next release (2.5.x line).

I also want to inform that I have a new job which in conjunction with my other activities prevents me from doing MOC development, I don't have enough free time for that :(. It means that you should not expect any new feature-rich release (2.5.0). What I want to do is to fix some bugs that are listed in my TODO file (about 6-10, some are unconfirmed) and make a bugfix version, but even this little release should not be expected soon. This is the moment when you (free software community) can help, if you want a new feature in MOC, don't ask for it, you must do it yourself, the modplug plugin is a good example.

I hope this situation is temporary and MOC development will continue somehow.


Nasty bug in 2.4.0.

I'm sorry to inform that 2.4.0 has a quite big bug that prevents it from playing MPC files and files supported by libsndfile (wave, aiff, etc.). You will also hear noise if you are using a big-endian box (like PPC). This was discovered by Elimar Riesebieter, he tests MOC better than me :). To fix it, you can apply the patch.


librcc support

Alexey Gladkov wrote a patch for librcc support. This fixes encoding problems with many id3tag files. See the patches section.


Patch for two annoying bugs

I've just received a nice patch from cbass that fixes 2 bugs: searching for directories and moving up and down when using '/' or 'g' (search) command. It is too late to include it in 2.3.2, but you can download the patch from the patches section.


Support for Sun audio.

Anton Yabchinsky has created a patch for MOC 2.2 that adds support for Sun audio output. You can download it from the new patches section.



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