Stable release

New stable release.

2.3.1 release

2.3.1 was released. This version contains fixes to many bugs. Part of them is already included in the FreeBSD port, but can help also on NetBSD and other systems. The release also includes a few ALSA fixes, address compilation issues on non-Linux systems and more. The full list of changes can be found here.

2.3.0 released

Long awaited 2.3.0 release is here. There are many new features (full list is here).

Most important are:

  • Network streams (shoutcast, icecast, regular HTTP, FTP). You can load an
    m3u file with a URL or use the 'o' command.
  • JACK output (by Alex Norman).
  • Added support for musepack (mpc).
  • Added support for speex format.
  • The search command filters out not matching elements from the menu and
    allows to walk through the items like in the regular menu.
  • Plugins: to drop dependencies from many exotic libraries, support for
    file formats was moved to shared libraries. This should help making MOC
    packages in future when more formats will be added.
  • Sample rate conversion using libsamplerate and some sound conversions
    like 16bit -> 24bit etc. With 24bit sound cards 24bit output is used with
  • Added support for PLS version 2 playlists.
  • New theme: Yellow/Red (by Morten Grunnet Buhl).
  • Added commands to set volume from 10% to 90% in 10% steps, default
    bindings are ALT-1 to ALT-9.
  • Added commands to quickly go to a selected directories (by Alex Norman).
  • Added --info command line option that prints all information about the
    currently played file. (Based on the code by Michael Banks)
  • Two mixer channels can be set in the configuration file. They can be
    switched at run time by pressing x.
  • Added SeekTime option: how fast the seeking is. (Kamil Tarkowski)
  • When going to a directory using the i command, TAB completes to the
    matching part of ambiguous directories.
  • Added UseRealtimePriority (default no) option: set realtime priority for
    the output buffer thread.


New bugfix release: 2.2.2. Most important changes are that MP3 files with bad CRC checksums produced by some broken encoders can be now played, and MOC 2.2.2 works fine on NetBSD, For the full list of changes see the changelog.


MOC 2.2.1 was released, this version fixes some minor bugs. There are also some changes that allow compilation on NetBSD, but there is still a problem with screen updates. For the list of changes, see the changelog.

Packages in Debian unstable

Debian packages created by Elimar Riesebieter are now in Debian unstable!



2.2.0 is here! The list of changes is the longest from all releases. Below are the most important new features (the full list also with bug fixes is here).

  • Support for new formats: FLAC and various less popular (AU, AIFF, VOC, etc. using libsndfile). Libsndfile also improved support for WAV.
  • Custom keymaps can be used.
  • Synchronizing the playlist between clients (interface instances).
  • Going to a directory by typing the path with file-name completion (i command).
  • Ability to use default (transparent) and grey color. (Marcin Michałowski).
  • New color themes: transparent background (Marcin Michałowski), nightly_theme (Wim Speekenbrink), green_theme (Jacek Lehmann).
  • MOC should now work on big-endian processors.
  • G command: go to a directory when the currently played file is.
  • U command: go to '..'.
  • Fast, silent seeking ('[' and ']' keys).
  • A bar showing time of the current file.


Another bugfix release. It contains only the patch mentioned yesterday.


New MOC version 2.1.2 is a bugfix release which fixes playing mp3 with default configuration and few minor bugs.


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