MOC homepage moved to a different server.

MOC site and FTP are running on a different, much faster server now. If you experience any problems please let me know. For few hours (up to 24h) the DNS may point you to the old server where you can only see an error page.

Update of moc-lyrics script.

The script was updated. It now uses some heuristics method to find lyrics if the exact phrase has not been found. You can download it from contrib. The full list of changes is:

  • new: guessing of the spelling if no results are found
  • new: debug messages to see what the script is doing
  • bug: searched all the sources instead of those specified by @sources
  • updated: Getopt::Lazy v.0.0.6 interface
  • updated: list of sources for Lyrics::Fetcher
  • updated: structured the script for clarity


MOC and Logitech G15 keyboard

Santiago Gil made a script that displays information from MOC on a Logitech G15 keyboard which has an LCD display. You can find it in the contrib section.


2.5.0-alpha3 release: community release

New alpha version is here. The list of new features is not very long although. I've called it "community release' because all changes except one were contributed. I know it's been long time from the last release, but we have it and this proofs that Open Source works and community exist :)

New features:

  • AAC plugin with intenet streams support.
  • New options in themes to make file time and playlist numbers highlighted. (Marc Tschiesche). Update to existing themes is needed, without that they will look bad.
  • Software mixer. (Hendrik Iben)
  • Add -Q (--format) FORMAT_STRING option to display file information like with --info but using a format string where sequences like '%album', '%title' are substituted. (Juho Hämäläinen)
  • Don't exit program if the terminal heught is below some limit, just print an error message. (Niels Aan de Brugh)
  • Some fixes as usual including patches merged from the stable line.


Robin Pronk sent me a script that allows displaying information about currently playing song on an LCD display using LCDd. You can download it from the contrib section.


Problem with spam on the forum

As some of you probably already noticed there is sometimes spam posted on the forum. Until now there was only mechanism to make automatically account creation harder, but it was bypassed sometimes and we ended up with spam posts and what is worse email notifications about those posts. Today I've enabled a spam filtering module that should help a lot. If there are problems with your posts and you are not a spammer let me know :)

Articles about MOC and some propaganda :)

Lately I've received an email from Thorsten Schmidt where he wrote about his wiki article about MOC: (German). I think it's a good opportunity to say that there are more nice articles/HOWTOs about our favorite player, some of them:

  • - an introduction to MOC
  • - same as above, but in Polish.

  • - (Polish) MOC - advanced tricks

If you know more, please send me the link.

MOC is also highly rated (8th place by rating) on freshmeat: and first place (highest rated) on, a Polish Linux site:

2.4.3 - few, but not all bugs fixed

Here is the 2.4.3 stable release which fixes few (but not all) bugs. This includes fix for problems with newer curl versions, problems with tags in internet streams with some stations and more. Here is the full list of changes.


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