XChat script

Roman Tworkowski made a script for XChat that show the currently played song. You can download it from the contrib page


Contrib page

There was a need for a place where all stuff contributed by users (scripts, themes) can be stored, so here is the new contribution page.

If you sent me a theme or a script before and it's not there, please send me it again, because it could be lost or I have it but with no information about the author.


2.4.2: some bugs fixed

MOC 2.4.2 has been released. It fixes some of the bugs from the previous version. This is all I can do now as I wrote earlier. The full list of changes is here.

moc 2.5.0-alpha2

Here is MOC-2.5.0-alpha2. It comes with 2 new decoder plugins, few new features and many bugs fixed. Most of the biggest changes were made by contributors (as you can see from the changelog). Unfortunately (for MOC) I have a new job in a new town and even less time to work on MOC. This is why the release is delayd and many bugs are not fixed (you can see them in the TODO file included with sources). Here is full list of changes:

  • Add SID plugin using libsidplay2. (Hendrik Iben)
  • Add Wavpack support. (Alexandrov Sergey)
  • Add support for GNU screen title. (Jonathan Derque)
  • The 'a' command can also add a directory to the playlist.
  • Add file duration %d (duration in xx:yy format) and %D (duration as number of seconds) options to OnSongChange command.
  • Add OnStop configuratipon option that allows to run an external command on Stop event.
  • OnSongChange reads tags from the cache.
  • Fix and a possible segfault when OnSongChange option is not defined and memory allocation functions usage.
  • Fix OnSongChange description in config.example.
  • Fix the A command for '..' directory (Debian Bug#416102).
  • Pass the environmential variables to the child process in OnSongChange.
  • Fixed a race condition when handling tags read to the tags cache.
  • Fix reading tags using tags_cache_read_add() in case when tags in the cache are not everything we need.
  • Fix displaying the playlist panel when the width of the terminal is an odd number.
  • Fix zombie processes (from OnSongChange) cleanup.
  • Fix a memory leak when handling OnSongChange.
  • Fix a crash when a file is precached and user requests playing a different file.
  • Prevent situations when two threads/processes reads tags for the same file at a time.
  • Prevent adding internet strams to the tags cache.

Package for Pardus Linux

Ayan Öztürk made a package for Pardus Linux distribution. More information is here


MOC themes and screenshots

Daniel Butzu has made few nice themes, you can download them and see screenshots on his site

KateOS package.

Packages of both stable and unstable releases of MOC are now available for KateOS. More information is here.



Here is it: 2.5.0-alpha1. This release wouldn't be possible without contribution from few people, mainly Hendrik Iben (MIDI and Modplug plugins) and Jack Miller (OnSongChange and other features and fixes), but there are more names in the changelog. I'm proud that MOC got to the point where my role is more like a maintainer than an author.

This release includes a demanded option: running a command when song changes. It should be useful for example to scripts that submit data to last.fm. If you think you need something more flexible or have any comments on that, please use the forum.

The full changelog is here:

  • Add Modplug support. (Hendrik Iben)
  • Add MIDI plugin that uses libtimidity - an interface to TiMidity, software-only MIDI sequencer. (Hendrik Iben)
  • Add OnSongChange option which runs a program/script when song is changed. (Jack Miller)
  • Add Y command to prune unreadable files from the playlist. (tyranix)
  • Fix for compilation with FLAC 1.1.3. (Josh Coalson)
  • Support for filenames and directory names recoding using librcc. (Alexey Gladkov)
  • Add a command line option --volume for setting volume. (Jack Miller)
  • Add -t/--on/-off options to change next/repeat/shuffle options. (Jack Miller)
  • Add average bitrate field to the output of mocp -i. (Jack Miller)
  • Add support for "speaker" mixer channel in OSS. Seems to be the only channel that affects volume on iMac (reported by Francesco Versaci).
  • Workaround for Shoutcast streams that have a static title in their metadata (like a radio station name) and the actual title as tags/comments in the stream data.
  • Empty key list for a command in the keymap file is possible.
  • Fix escape key handling. (Jack Miller)
  • Fix CTL-key combinations in entries. (Jack Miller)
  • Fix receive errors handling with internet streams.
  • Fix a memory leak when reading FLAC tags.
  • Fixed "mocp -e directory" command in case when no client is running and the playlist is not empty.
  • Fix ffmpeg build failure due to LOG_H defined by ffmpeg headers.
  • Fix reading PLS playlists with more than 9 entries.
  • Disable 24bit output by default due to reported problems with some sound card. It can be enabled by setting Allow24bitOutput option to yes.
  • Fix configure script: libiconv is required to build moc.


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